My Instruments
Instruments are not only sounding objects. Surely not for me and not for the people that makes music their life. You can spend entire years of your life searching for the perfect instrument, perfect for our needs.
I had - and I have - many instruments. I don’t use any longer drums and electric guitar or electronic keyboards but only ancient instruments or a modern piano to compose, because at the present time I play only ancient music or my compositions.
Daniele Salvatore

My Instruments:

a) wind instruments for Baroque repertoire:
  1. descant recorder in c, in olive-wood, from Engelbert Terton (Collection of the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague), A=415 Hz, by F. Li Virghi, Orte (Italia)
  2. alto recorder in f, in boxwood, from Rottenburgh (Musée des Instruments de Musique in Brussels), A=415 Hz, by F. Li Virghi
  3. alto recorder in f (two corps), in boxwood, from Stanesby Jr. (Musée de la Musique in Paris), A=415 Hz and A=440 Hz, by F. Li Virghi
  4. voice flute in pearwood. from Bressan (Museo Civico Medievale di Bologna), A=415 Hz, by F. Li Virghi
  5. baroque flute by Xuriach, probabily Salvador (Barcellona-Spagna ca. 1750), in boxwood, A=415 Hz, by G. Tardino, Genazzano-Roma (Italia)
  6. sopranino recorder in f, in rosewood, A=415 Hz, by Ch. Trescher, Mogelsberg (Switzerland)
  7. bass recorder in f (two corps), in maplewood, model Rottenburgh, A=415 Hz and A=440 Hz, by Moeck, Celle (Germany)
Strumenti 1

b) wind instruments for more ancient repertoires:
  1. renaissance recordert quintet, model Hier.s, in maplewood (sopran, alto in g, two tenors and bass) fingering Praetorius, A=440 Hz by F. Li Virghi
  2. descant recorder in maplewood from Van Eyck, A=440 Hz, by F. Li Virghi
  3. alto recorder in g, fingering Ganassi, with head in mock ivory and with a particular window. Copy from a wall painting at the Schifanoia Palace of Ferrara, A=440, by F. Li Virghi
  4. three-hole pipe, from traditional medieval/ renaissance models, A=440, by F. Li Virghi
  5. descant recorder (probabily in maplewood), A=440, by F. Canevari
  6. crumhorn consort (sopran, alto in f, tenor and bass), A=440, by G. Körber
  7. sopranino recorder in f, in ebony, A=440, by Ch. Trescher, Mogelsberg (Svizzera)
c) percussions and other instruments:
  1. medieval tabor by P. Simonazzi, Reggio Emilia (Italia)
  2. Sicilian ambourine by P. Simonazzi
  3. tambourine of Salento (unknown)
  4. a Turk daf
  5. a couple of nakers
  6. a Hungarian ziteran
  7. renaissance wire-strung plectrum guitar, by M. Lodi, Carpi (Italia)
  8. a Turk saz (baglama)

d) modern instruments
  1. flute Muramatsu, with head Sankyo model RS1
  2. piccolo Artley, Sterling Silver 40 29983
  3. 12 string guitar Ibanez
  4. classic guitar Giannini
  5. upright piano Yamaha